Haircut/Line Up/Razor

Line Up

Haircut/ Hot Towel Shave

Haircut/ Beard

Haircut/ Black Mask Service

Haircut/ Beard

Enhanced Cuts

The VIP Service

Senior Citizen

$20.00 (35 Min)

$13.00 (15 Min)

$35.00 (40 Min)

$30.00 (45 Min)

$30.00 (40 Min)

$25.00+ (45 Min)

$30.00+ (40 Min)

$40.00+ (75 Min)

$15.00 (35 Min)


We are a family friendly environment created to please all. We do what we love and love what we do. Our whole purpose is to give the client exactly what they want or more, and never anything less


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